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The Presentation’s critical…

It may sooth that shareholder’s group. Make or break a sale. Fill your key account with admiration…or leave them cold. Help propel you up the corporate ladder or hang you out to dry.

And make no mistake… your competition’s presentations are getting smarter, tighter…better all the time. We know because we’re right there. Day in and day out.

We know what you have invested. So call us now, not later. Because as soon as we get your order, your presentation becomes our presentation. That means we’re going to…

Get it right the first time…

When you talk to us about your order and set-up needs you may find us asking a whole lot of questions. We’re not trying to be difficult. It’s just that we’ve learned from experience that a few extra minutes of care and attention at the order stage can save endless hours of frustration the day of the event.

Pay attention to detail…

Every time we complete a setup we run through a check list. If we’ve set a flip chart, we make sure we’ve got a full pad of paper and the pens work. If we’ve set a data projector, we check that it fires up correctly and is focused properly on the screen. If it’s a laptop or DVD player connected to an LCD TV, we test both pieces together.

And for complex set-ups with all of the electronic bells and whistles, well, the check list gets pretty long indeed.

Make sure we project a complimentary image…

When you arrive on presentation day you’ve probably spent a bit of extra time in front of the mirror making sure you’re happy with how you look. We treat each presentation the same way. You’ll find the staff go out of our way to look presentable. We wear dress shirts and pants and respectable shoes.

Provide you with top notch equipment…

It’s very difficult to look leading edge or even mildly progressive standing beside a tired 10-year old projector. That’s one of the reasons we maintain our own large inventory of clean state of the art equipment. And you know, state of the art equipment also significantly reduces required maintenance and dramatically reduces on-site breakdowns.
Provide industry leading speed of response…

OK. Let’s face it. Sometimes it seems impossible to anticipate everything. We recognize that. It’s the nature of the business. That’s why we go out of our way to provide industry leading speed of response. When you call Focus… and that’s 24 hours a day, 7 days a week… you’ll find someone on the other end of the line. Not a machine. It gives our clients enormous piece of mind. And we rest easier. Don’t forget. It’s our presentation too.
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