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AJM International Development Corp

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AJM International Development Corp. specializes in "Softwood lumber and Logs" for the international market since 1995.

AJM are located in the heart of Vancouver , British Columbia's coastal rainforest, on the pacific west coast of Canada.

AJM are proud that our products come from an established sustainable forest production system.

AJM handles about 70,000 cubic meters of lumber annually.
From high grade to low grade lumber, we can service clients in a wide geographic area, including the US and Mexico.

AJM has successfully exported products to China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, South Korea, India and Japan.

AJM always offer high quality and competitive price to our customers to ensure long-term customer satisfaction.

Please visit our product, inventory and gallery pages for more information about what AJM has for offer you and your business.

For more information on AJM, please contact us with any comments so that we may serve you better.

We welcome global inquiries!

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