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Cargo Spectrum Forwarding Inc.

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In the early 2000′s, Cargo Spectrum’s founder began to formulate a new logistics business concept to offer unique, creative and specialized freight forwarding services for shipping cargo that would present a professional image. The Freight Conceirge Services concept was born.

Cargo Spectrum opened its doors in 2004 at the South Terminal at Vancouver International Airport in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada. The idea was simple – customers commercial freight forwarding needs would be met anywhere their business took them while Cargo Spectrum would serve as their professional logistics provider. Cargo Spectrum was an immediate hit and today boasts an abundance of customers in a variety of industries and businesses throughout the country.

Ten years later, Cargo Spectrum’s Freight Concierge Services concept is still instrumental in helping customers achieve balance. The company saves customers time and money, reduces their overall workload, and affords them the ability to focus on more important parts of their business, rather than worrying about their freight forwarding company.

Cargo Spectrum is also passionate about helping its customers grow their business by providing cost effective, all-in-one, door-to-door air cargo, ocean shipping and ground transport solutions. With facilities located near major Canadian international airports and ports, Cargo Spectrum can handle it all, from the smallest details to the biggest challenges.

The Cargo Spectrum Freight Concierge Services concept has been hugely attractive to many specialized industries and businesses who leverage Cargo Spectrum’s expertise in air freight, ocean shipping and ground transport services. The company also helps its customers expand into additional markets, seamlessly, with its exclusive memberships, global partnerships and strategic alliances with internationally recognized networks and industry associations in all major cities on every continent.

Wouldn’t life be wonderful if…everyone had a personal concierge? Someone who could quietly and discretely handle all of life’s little details for you? Someone you could pick up the phone and call any time, day or night, to help with a problem or to fulfill a request?

Well, Cargo Spectrum can’t promise to be there for all of life’s little hiccups, but we can promise when you have a commercial shipment to move – whether it’s across the country or around the world – you can count on us to provide a cost effective, all-in-one, door-to-door solution…with a decidedly personal touch.
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